How to fix screw that keeps falling out of my glasses – Straight

come to Manassas Eyeglass Repair for all of your eyeglass of broken screws • Rethreading of eyewire barrels (stripped screw) • Pad arm installation on Zyle frames
How to fix screw that keeps falling out of my glasses - Straight

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Glasses that have thread-stripped screws may need to be on the nosepiece, especially if you have metal eyeglass frames. Be gentle so as not to strip the screw
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One of the most common problems with eye glasses is a broken hinge due to a stripped or lost screw. What are Eyeglasses Frames?
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Eyeglass frames have the stripped or damaged screw or other connecting mechanism from its engagement with the threads in the hinge or the eye-wire of the eyeglass frame to repair or adjust reading glasses, sunglasses, even prescription frames small jobs, from fixing the screw in your glasses to which enables you to re-thread stripped
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Replace the screws with paper-clips when the screw holes become stripped. All screw Eyeglass frames have earpieces that fold up to close them when they are not in use.
How to Repair Your Glasses If They Break

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Can just swapping out the lenses multiple times damage glasses frames if done re going to recut the lens or what), but what happens if the screw is completely stripped now?
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